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Cherry HF pic.. for Carole *PIC*

Ken DeMarco
>OK Carol, her is pic of how about half (or so it seems) of my hollow forms end up. this was about 1/3 of the way hollowed when I got a catch, did not see any cracks in the top so I drilled further (too far) and the drill got stuck. trying to unstick the drill I noticed it did indeed crack at the top from where the bar hit on the catch. A little frustrated at this point I smacked it whith some vise grips.. not good enough, threw it across the garage, on the way to pick it up I passed by a hammer, so I did what any resonable person would do. I beat the holy heck out of it until I felt better. After taking a look at it this week, I think it was for the best, the sides are a little too straight anyway. ;^)
Ken DeMarco
finding new ways to enjoy turning in Ohio

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