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deep deep hollowing info requested

jeff jilg
>The standard set of tools available allow you go around 18" deep. At that depth, those tools are stretching it. I just did an 18" deep vase and it took way too long because of the vibration and general lack of support. (The vase is a roughout from a 85 pound Cedar Elm log).

So I'd like to consider 30"-36" systems. I know people have gone that deep because I've seen some at the 2004 Orlando Symposium. Maybe the system will be homemade, but some ideas would be great. Does anyone have either:
- links to existing products which support this
- pics or plans of systems of their own, or their friend's system

The objective is to get or make:
- hollowing bar
- bar support for a "captive system"
- steady rest that will take a large piece
(so the spindle doesn't get bent)

I spent a bunch of time looking on the internet, and like I stated above most of the "deep" hollowing systems max out at 18". My homemade steadyrest is fine, but it was not built to handle stuff over 50 pounds. Maybe this will give me a chance to further explore my novice welding skills. Thanks in advance for any help.

(This message is crossposted to the AAW forum as well).

...Thinking Real Big (aka Jeff Jilg)

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