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A funny thing happened on the way to work.

Gary Evans, Tallassee, TN
>O.K., I'll admit it, this is an unmitigated GLOAT, although the story is not quite finished, yet.

I work sometimes in a modeling shop for an engineer friend who lives about an hour South of us. The town where he lives has a brush dump on the road to his house, so I stop there from time to time. In the past I've found cherry and other woods there.

Monday, I stopped at lunch and was THRILLED to find some nice pieces of holly, 6" or 8" in diameter, no stain yet. One crotch was 10" or better. This is the first holly I've run into in more than a year. Naturally I was bragging to my friend and, later, my wife about my extraordinary find.

I stopped back in on Tuesday to retrieve some smaller pieces that needed a limb lopped off here and there. By now I had a dozen pieces, total, and I was tickled.

Poking around some of the other piles, I was stunned to spy holly logs that are 12" to 18" in diameter and 2' to 4' long. Whoopeee!!! I picked up what I could on Tueday and took my trailer with me yesterday to get the really big pieces.

The dump was open as I went to work, so I resolved to come back later. I was going to need my friends help, anyway, as some of the pieces are too big for me to handle by myself. I was crushed to find the dump locked by 4 PM when I went back.

No problem, don't be greedy, Evans. I left the trailer at my buddies and will go back today to try to get the rest. I just hope they open the dump today. It is supposed to rain and I've seen it locked all day on rainy days before.

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for developments. 8^]

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