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Super Nova Chuck bought on EBAY, Help

Barry Irby
>I bought a Supernova chuck on Ebay. I am a novice at Ebay. The chuck was $89.99 plus shipping for a total of $100. It arrived and the keeper ring in the key is clearly crooked and the head on the key is lopsided. The chuck is very stiff compared to my original and the jaws do not fully close or align properly. There is a gap across the chuck between 2&3 and 1&4 that tapers and there is some mechanical misaligning or slight steps between the jaws.

Will the chuck loosen with use? Is this typical? How Important is the alignment of the jaws? Can I fix the key myself?

Is this a Nova problem or an EBAY problem? I have E-mailed the seller. I had assumed I was buying a first quality chuck and this one appears it may be a second or a reject. Where do Ebay sellers get their stuff? What is Nova's policy on seconds?

I am not posting the seller's name because they may step up. I just sent the e-mail and they have not had a chance to respond. TIA

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