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coffee grounds

GaryG in MD
>OK, I've heard about using coffee grounds as a filler. Sounds like a great idea. I've got a large wormhole that I would prefer to patch. Trying to think through the process, I come to some simple questions. I hate to sound totally ignorant, but education is what the forum is for! %^)

Are the coffee grounds used fresh out of the can in their dry state (without brewing)? If so, I assume that they will immediately dye the bonding agent brown. Is that the desired result? Does this cause any problems with the color leaching out onto the workpiece during finishing? Similarly, what happens when other materials such as glitter are also added? Does the coffee stain the glitter enough to make it visually ineffective? [For me, the alternative, extracting the color and drying the grounds, might be too time consuming.]

And then there is the question of composition. Is the desired filler mostly bonding agent with a little coffee coloring or mostly coffee grounds as texture with just a little bonding agent to stick it together? What is the best bonding agent? Epoxy? Fiberglass? Other? What are the considerations?

You get the picture -- I would appreciate it if someone would discuss the tradeoffs, present some recipes for success, discuss any pitfalls that I should be concerned about, and tell me how do brew up a good filler.

Happy and robust filling,


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