Turning Archive 2005

VS For My Nova3K *LINK*

Stuart Johnson
>I'm starting to look for a VS motor for my Nova 3K. Dealers Electric has two 220 packages, 2 hp drive and motor package for $425 and a 1 hp package for $323 plus a 110 1 hp pacage for $282. I have not run into a power issue with the regular non-vs 1hp that came with the lathe. My questions are:

1. The 2 hp 220 package says it has a 145T frame the 1 hp 146T. The 110 package has a 56 frame.The Nova manual says I have a NEMA 56 frame C face flange. Would the 145T or 146T fit on my lathe?

2. Would it be better to bit the bullet and spend the additional $143 for the 2 hp as opposed to the 1 hp 110? I have 220 so that isn't an issue. I don't want to upgrade again.

3. What is the difference between AC VS and DC VS? Is one better than the other?

4. I once bought a new carberator for my '76 Fiat Spider. The dealers idea of bolts right on and mine must have had a language problem. How hard is it to add one of these packages?



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