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Tree ID Help *PIC*

TomW In SouthJersey
>I joined the wood scrounging club. I saw a lot being cleared and stopped to see what the wood looked like. A man walking the property asked what I was doing there. I told him I was looking for wood for tuning. He said he was the owner and said I could take all I wanted. He was just going to have to pay to have it carted away.
I grabbed two pieces. I fairley certain the one on the left (crotch) is maple.
The one on the right has very deep bark and chipping away at the bark is very reddish in color. The wood shown is wet since I just hosed off some mud.

Its 14 inches in diameter.

Any idea what I've got? I need to get back this weekend to gather more. There is a lot there.
Tom Wright

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