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Dust Collection Long

Dave Keay
>I would appreciate any feedback anyone would have with respect to dust collection at the lathe.
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Oneway 2436 which will reside in my basement workshop. All of my other machinery is located in my garage, table saw, jointer, planer and bandsaw ect.
I am contemplating the purchase of a dust collection unit probably the BellFab 2HP unit which will reside in the garage. The setup for the garage is pretty straight forward one 20' length of pipe from the DC with three branches to the machines. Currently I do not have dust collection other than a JDS air cleaner and I use a Trend respirator.
To feed the lathe I would need ~ 75' of pipe to run to the lathe in the basement workshop is this feasable and or cost effective also I would need to incorporate some type of remote control on/off system as well.
Accepting one is only interested in collecting dust not wood chips from the lathe would you go this route or use a dedicated system for the lathe if so what type. Also, I understand a shop vac is not a good alternative for this purpose?
Your comments would be appreciated.

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