Turning Archive 2005

Keith Tompkins Demo in Indy

>Keith was in Indy this weekend for a two day demo and I got to catch today's part of it. I just wanted to say what a great day it was. Keith is a top notch demonstrator and has a way of inspiring just about anybody. I know I just wanted to go home after it was over and make something beautiful! Sadly I headed straight to work. Keith didn't tote any fancy Hi-Tec tools with him; instead he brought a modest collection of gouges, skews and a well thought out, home made wall thickness measuring device. He showed us that you can make beautiful things with minimal tools. He did a great job at advising us to think ahead of what are doing when create something. To hold a vision of what we want the end result to be and try to bring it to fruition. We had some great discussion about design and photography and even heard a great story about Keith's Pine Car Derby creations that would probably leave a few Boy Scouts in tears if they had to race against him! Disqualified I say! : )

It was a real treat to meet Keith and see his expertise in action. I am so glad I got to go.
Thanks Keith! Fantastic job!


PS: I have pics that I'll post tomorrow after I get some sleep. I'm a walking zombie after this weekend of fun and work...and I still have 5 hours to go :(

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