Turning Archive 2005

Southern States Symposium

John Lucas
>I just got out of the truck after arriving home. Man was that fun. If you ever get to see Stuart Batty do so. He is really sharp. I sat through 2 of his demos and he really has some skills on the lathe. He sharpens free hand and showed us how to do it and why he prefers this method. Can you sharpen a bowl gouge in less than 10 seconds. I mean that was from the lathe to the grinder and back to the lathe in that length of time.

I've been to a lot of John Jordan lectures on Wood and wood movement so I sat through Tod Hoyers lecture. I think he rivals John in this area. His discussion of burls, how they are formed and how to cut and use them was worth the whole price of the show.

Tod's wife Haley Smith is a joy to listen to, but then I'm a sucker for an english accent. She did a talk on inspiration and how she uses the things she sees in her work. That was really good. I sat through her demon on burning wood for design purposes and that was real interesting as well. She doesn't do anything half assed. She thinks through every detail of the piece and fusses over things most people would just gloss over.

The vendors were great. BestWoodTools has a new Keyless Jacobs chuck that is high quality and cost (I think) $49. It might have been higher but not much, I looked at it the first night. It's still a hell of a deal for anything less than $100.

Ruth Niles and Gary Evans were there running the 1st ever tool swap and sell and Ruth had her T shirts. I don't believe there are two nicer people but then just about every turner you meet will fall under that category.

We had a great dinner at El sombrero's. I met some new poeple and had some great conversations. I hope you all get to go to a symposium some time. There are just so many nice people and the turnings in the instant gallery are wonderful.

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