Turning Archive 2005

Hmmph! Kids!

Carole in VA
>Been going with the chainsaw since 9:00 and I'm definitely not used to it! Can hardly pick up my beer. After lunch, while we were wrestling with a 2 ton B&T trying to get this huge trunk onto the guy's trailer, I overheard the 14 year old kid that was helping say "She works right good for an older lady." I almost made him two feet shorter with my saw. :)
Dunno about this wood collecting...it will either get you in shape or kill you! I didn't even get much wood that I can use on my mini since the trunk had been promised to this guy. I brought home some crotch sections but have no clue how to cut them up. Oh well, I'm learning new stuff every day, so I guess I will figure it out. I did learn how to sharpen my chain today, out of necessity! LOL

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