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English Walnut Hollowform *PIC*

TomW In SouthJersey
>This is a piece I've put the most effort into yet. It is from an English Walnut log that Bill Grumbine gave me (thanks again Bill). Alcohol dried. Hollowed to an average of about 3/16th (very tense moments parting it off). Sanded to 12,000 micro-mesh, 6 or 7 coats of Danish oil, sanding sealer, Mylands polish, then waxed and buffed.

The collar is maple dyed with India ink, waxed and buffed.
The finial is Ebony sanded to 12,000 and Shellawax.

It measures 9 inches wide X 3 inches high. My photo setup is pretty lousy but the actual base is only 3 1/4" wide.

Comments on design, technique and finish are appreciated. I have 2 more walnut forms drying in paper bags so I'll be started a couple more.

Tom Wright

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