Turning Archive 2005

One more Nova 3000 Issue - Pulley Belt

Dan Lanicek in TX
>I recently bought a used Nova 3000 and I think I have the tailstock issues under control but I'm having a pulley belt issue now.

Maybe it's just that I need to get used to adjusting the belt for the Nova but it seems that the stepped pulley of the motor does not line up with the stepped pulley of the spindle.

The first night I had the lathe I moved the belt to a certain speed and ran the lathe. After a minute or so, the headstock starting rattling. A look inside revealed that the belt was rubbing against the side of the next larger pulley and had partially torn due to the friction. User error - I did not seat the belt properly on the grooves.

Now I'm very conscious when I move the belt making sure it does not rub against the sides. This is not easy because it seems that the pulleys are not aligned exactly and the belt wants to adjust itself. I can get it to work but it takes me a minute or two to make sure it's working.

I tried adjusting the pulley on the motor side but after loosening the set screw on the shaft the pulley would not budge at all. Is there more than one set screw? Any other solutions? Maybe this will become a non-issue once I get used to moving the belt?

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