Turning Archive 2005

Skewed over Parting

>Today's questions/issues:

1) My Sorby skew is square-ended, which means it can catch easily if I'm not super careful. I'm interested in pros/cons for rounding off the corners, or rounding the whole front of the blade. How you do that and keep a consistent blade, and how do you sharpen it after you round it? I've hestitated doing this because once you round the front of that blade, there is no convenient going back and starting over if you don't like it.

2) I've got a parting tool that is bent near the handle. The metal is very strong and the blade is straight, but it is now terribly inconvenient to use for its intended purpose. (Sorby sent me a free replacement, by the way, even though the damage was clearly my fault - kudos to those guys!) What I'm thinking of doing is grinding it to a pencil point kid of deal, for the purpose of adding decorative markings to a turning, but I' not sure it would actually leave a scoring mark. I'm interested in what shapes or ideas anybody might have for breathing life back into this tool - aside from use in a knife fight.


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