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Dancing Kids W/pic

>This is a maple bowl that I made for a donation to my son's Montessori School Silent Auction this Saturday. I wanted something to donate that would hopefully stand out from the other items of gift certificates and package deals at Chucky Cheese Pizza and such. I'm hoping that these little Dancing Kids will steal the heart of a teacher or somebody who will be willing to bump the bidding, as it's all about making $$ for the school. I've been to these before and I think sometimes everybody forgets that it's about raising money and not getting a deal! Anyway, these little kids are the final result of some doodling and trying to come up with something other than stick people which is about my limit when it comes to drawing people. After I got a few of them drawn it got easier to animate them and show them having lots of fun. I had a blast making this bowl and I hope to do a lot more of them!

It's about 10" diameter and 3" deep. Burned and colored with Prisma markers. Finished with Krylon Fixatif and Watco Finishing Wax.

As always all comments are welcome.

Thanks for checking in on the kids!


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