Turning Archive 2005

Nova 3000 tailstock problems

Dan Lanicek in TX
>I just bought a used Nova 3000 this week and have put a couple of hours turning on it so far. I love the lathe except for one thing - the tailstock. I'm having a couple of problems with it.

First of all, it's a pain to lock it down on the bed. The lever has a short range of travel (limited by the sides of the tailstock) and I can adjust the screw that attaches to the lever but only so that its too loose or too tight. Right now, to tighten the tailstock to the bed, I have to remove the lever, screw the bolt that tightens the tailstock base by hand, then screw back in the lever, and tighten all the way. Same thing for loosing the tailstock - move lever, remove lever, unscrew bolt by hand. Any Nova 3000 owners know what I'm doing wrong?

Second, the quill seems to not be working right. To move the quill forwards or backwards I sonetimes have to "help it along" by pushing or pulling the quill with one hand while turning the handwheel with the other until something catches then it works fine. A minor annoyance but is there a fix for this?

Purchasing this lathe tapped me out financially but at this point I think my next purchase will be the DVR tailstock upgrade.

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