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Put on my thinking cap...

>I've got a walnut bowl blank that a turning friend gave me to help me get started in learning to turn bowls. He roughed it June '02 and let it air dry. It has warped somewhat, but not too badly. The walls are about 1/2" thick. If I put the bowl on a table upside down, it would wobble. The base of the bowl has a tenon which is too big for my talon chuck. The bottom of the tenon shows a small crack, so that has to go in favor of a recess or a shorter tenon - depends how it goes. My problem is mounting it up to finish it off.

To do battle with this, I have a talon chuck, a faceplate, and the centers that came with the lathe.

I think the plan has to be to mount the rim of the bowl to a faceplate, as best I can, and true up the exterior, removing the tenon in favor of a recess (or a shorter tenon to defeat the crack), removing minimum wood from the exterior. Then I would mount the base to the talon, and have at that interior. My greatest concern is having a consistent wall thickness, especially at the rim. I'm not sure I can avoid some variation there, between the warpage, my mounting method, and the tendency of the wood to distort while spinning, other than to use low speeds. I just don't want to end up with a bowl that has a 3/8" inch wall thickness on one side, and 1/8" on the other.

Am I up the right tree? Any suggestions?

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