Turning Archive 2005

Chucks and jaws (rant)

Carole in VA
>OK, I am fed up. I have a Nova Midi chuck for my Jet Mini. I have the original 50mm jaws and the next smaller set (forget the number)as well as the Mini Cole jaws. What is driving me nuts is the lack of overlap between jaw sets...by my way of thinking, I should be able to accomodate anything bewtween the smallest setting of the small jaws and the largests setting of the next size up jaws. Not so. there is a gap between the two sets of jaws. And the Cole jaws! Arrrgh! I have three rough turned bowls and not one of them can I grip either in compression or expansion mode with those jaws! There is not enough travel in the jaws (which is a factor of the chuck.) Is this lack of overlap a problem with other chucks, or just this Nova Midi?

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