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Jet 1236 upgrade slow progress.??? PIC

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I started accumulating parts for the lathe upgrade last month. I have a 3 phase controller and two 3 phase motors. I will be using the one Gary Evens sent me that came off a General lathe complete with step pulley. I stared designing the bracket for holding the new motor away from the drive spindle. The picture shows the orientation I plan to use. So far I can swivel the head with no interference problems. For me that is pretty good. Once I get the final design worked out, a friend will weld it up using angle iron.

Questions for you engineers.
The motor has 4 steps on the pulley. As best as I can measure the diameter of the steps are; 1 3/16"; 2 1/4"; 3 1/32"; 3 15/16".
Motor is 1750 RPM.
What size pulleys do I need on the Lathe?
I assume I need a 1 to 1 pulley for low range and a 1 to 2 pulley for high range.
How far am I off base?
The lathe shaft is 15/16" in diameter. It doesn’t appear to me that a pulley with a 1 3/16" diameter would be feasible on the lathe shaft.
I don’t plan to use a gravity motor mount like contractor saws use. I have an idea of what I want to do for the adjustable motor mount so I can change the belt between low and high range. As soon as I find the “too good to throw away stuff” I need I will be pretty much ready. Now I am just waiting for a round tuit credit card to get started. I spend those things faster then they can be minted.

Dave Smith

Tim the Tool Man of Longview, WA. (more power, more better)

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