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Small natural edge cascara bowl. PICs

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>This is a little cascara buckthorn natural edge bowl I turned a while ago. I didnít get the foot turned until a couple weeks ago when I applied the first coat of Rocklerís gel polyurethane. This last weekend I got a second coat of finish on the bowl.

The bark stays on the cascara very well. This tree was cut in July and laid on the ground for about a month before I got it. I am surprised how well the bark holds. The bowl ends are 1 7/8" high. Sides are 3/4" high.

This little log has only a small amount of heart wood that gives a nice surprise when you look inside. The length is 4 Ĺ" by 3 Ĺ" wide. Most of the bowl is 1/8" thick. The top of the ends are closer to 3/16".

The bottom had a small crack near the pith that I though would turn away. Fortunately the crack did not extend inside the bowl. A little CA glue stabilized the defect so the bowl could be finished.

Cascara turns well and has a fine grain. Sands and finishes beautifully. There was very little distortion when it dried after the alcohol bath. I rough turn most small bowls to 3/8" before soaking. I find they usually do not distort excessively and there is a lot less material to remove when dry.

I have given some cascara away and sold some but I havenít heard from anyone who has turned it. I am interested in other turnerís experience with the wood. I think the wood might be good for carving but that is out of my league.

Critiques welcome.

Dave Smith

Finally finished something in Longview, WA.

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