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Small bay laurel bowl *LINK*

Don Henthorn
>When I started to rough out this blank I found a band of material that was really spungy and
rotten. I threw the block in the trash, but later thought I would give the diluted white glue
soak a try. I just applied the glue to the punky parts with a rag and kept pouring it on until it
seemed saturated. It cured for a day and the next day it turned pretty good, I wet sanded it
so the slurry could fill the many large holes in the punky section. It took several sanding
sessions but it finally smoothed out. Turned out to be wife’s new best liked piece. I confess I
was surprised at how well it turned out. Bay Laurel, 4 3/4” wide , 3 3/4” high and 1/4”
thick. Thanks for looking.

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Small bay laurel bowl *LINK*
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