Turning Archive 2005

Thanks Doug Liete for this milo. PIC

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I got this milo from Doug last January during a visit to Hawaii. Doug rough turned it during a meeting of the Big Island turning club meeting I was fortunate enough to attend. Doug picked me up at the airport bought me lunch and gave me a lot of wood. And it only cost me about $200 for the day trip from Maui. Still cheaper than golfing. I met a lot of great people that day and Doug was one of the best.

The bowl is 6" wide by slightly under 2" high. Walls are about 3/32" thick.

The foot is 2" in diameter and 1/16" high.

Milo is very must like mesquite in turning and grain pattern. Wonderful wood to turn but I have to find a cheaper way to get it.

Finished with two coats of Rockler's gel polyurethane.

Critiques welcome.

Dave Smith

Finally finished something in Longview, WA.

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