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1 x 8 nut

>I have several drive centers. all of them work fine on my Jet 1014 (mini) but one (just the one)--a two pronger I got from CSUSA--just doesn't want to come out of the spindle. Some times I have to beat on the knock-out bar like I was driving rairoad spikes and even then it doesn't come easily if at all.

I used to have a cheapo Grizzly and it had a 3/4 x 16 nut that threaded on the spindle. All you had to do was crescent wrench the nut and any stuck drive center or other device would come free.

so I'm wondering how common 1 x 8 nuts are and where I would get one if they're not that common?

Or any other solution to my stuck drive center would be appreciated. I don't want to ruin the spindle bearings.

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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