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John Lucas
>I had an interesting thought today while using the skew. I don't know why this didn't occur to me before and it probably doesn't matter at all but it is interesting.

When you are cutting with the skew we all know that a skew cuts cleaner when the cutting edge is held at 45 degrees than it does when the cutting edge is parallel to the wood. This is a skewed angle. It dawned on my today that not only is this a skewed angle but this also lowersthe cutting angle of the edge. What made me think of this was thinking of it like a low angle plane. If you have a 12 degree low angle plane and you skew the plane so it's cutting at an angle this lower the cutting angle from 12 degrees to less than 12 degrees.

I have no idea how this might help anyone when turning. If you are using a rough out gouge and have the edge ground to 45 degrees, if you skew the cut this will lower the angle and give a cleaner cut on woods that then to tear out. I played with this a little while turning today. I rough out the piece with the cutting edge parallel to the wood and then skewed the angle and of course it cuts cleaner.

Well hope I didn't waste anyones time. When your doing production type stuff your mind wanders. Mine apparently wanders further away than others.

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