Turning Archive 2005

1st Annual Swapmeet at Southern States symposium

Gary Evans, Tallassee, TN
>Hi all,

I just got the go-ahead from the powers-that-be at Southern States to devote part of my booth at this year's show for the 1st Annual, Talasi Hardwood Swap Meet.

Anyone is welcome to bring tools, equip, etc., excluding wood, to sell or swap with others. Label your tool, etc. with your name, phone number, asking price and whether you are interested in trading. Make sure the label will stay on through multiple handlings.

This is sort of late notice, so if you can help me spread the word, I would appreciate it. I will be sending an e-mail to GAW members through Wes Jones, their president. If you can put me in touch with the officers of other clubs that e-mail their members, please do.

I think this could be a great deal of fun for everyone involved. I'm sure everyone has something laying around their shop that they don't use. There will be no cost for participating.

See you in Gainesville,
Gary Evans

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