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Totally OT - Coffee makers

Fred in NC
>There seems to be a lot of common sense floating around in the WC forums. Since I post mostly in this one, I decided to ask this question here. Please forgive me if you think this is ridiculous, but it is a question that comes to my mind every morning!

I get up early and make my own coffee in the morning. The carafe is marked in CUPS on the side. The markings seem to have no relationship to reality. The amount of coffee up to the 2 cup marking does not fill a regular sized 8 oz mug! If I pour 8 oz of water (from a measuring cup) into the carafe, it goes between the 2 and 4 cup markings, making it about 3 cups.

Is there anything like a standard size cup of coffee that the manufacturers go by? Other than expresso and demi-tasse, most regular coffee mugs hold about 8-9 oz. So my 12 cup coffee maker is only good for 4 cups.

My apologies, but thanks !!!!

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