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DC ductwork cost/options? (Long)

Shawn - in ID
>After a few years of wheeling my mini lathe outside, I'm planning for the plunge to bigger lathe and setting up a garage shop (all hobby). Just ordered an Airstream (to replace my dustfoe) and now I'm looking into a cyclone (new Oneida Dust Gorilla; to replace the pan and broom) and a Powermatic to boost my fun and reduce my limitations. With regard to the cyclone...I'm looking at ductwork costs. I've got a tablesaw, drill press, small bandsaw and what will be two lathes. All of these have been moved out of the garage to the driveway in the past for use. The lathe is used every couple of days and a lot on weekends. The others are used VERY infrequently. I'm really worried about wasted money for permanent ductwork to items that don't get used much but also want to stay dustfree. So now the question: is there a good option for a fleximble/moveable system that can stay at the lathe and just be shifted to other items when used, maybe a permanent run to the lathe with a side run that can be shifted among the other tools. Would a flexible system reduce efficiency? I expect I'll need a run to a floor pickup to sweep into? Advice on the simplest/cheapest way to keep things clean.

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