Turning Archive 2005

trying to learn

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>Call me a glutton for punishment! My last goal was to master the skew chisel. I havenít quite mastered it, but I have become much better at using it. Thanks to videos by Richard Raffin, Alan Lacer, and Mike Darlow, and also lots of practice. Now I have it in my head, I want to make boxes with screw on lids. I could get a Klien or Baxter jig and do it that way, but NO! I go and order a Sorby hand chaser set with a gauge and a video that tells how to do it. Itís due to arrive by UPS tomorrow. What am I getting myself into now? Do any of you hand chase threads? From what I have read hard dense close gained woods work the best. What reasonably priced woods will work for practice? I have some Hard Maple, some Cherry, a little Osage Orange, some Black locust and some Honey locust. Will some of that work? Iíve also read that the inside threads are more difficult to chase than the male threads. Does the size of the cylinder to be threaded make any difference in the difficulty? Or is a 1Ē cylinder just as easy to thread as a 3Ē cylinder? The weatherman is promising me a cold wet weekend in Northern Ohio to work on it.

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