Turning Archive 2005

Clean up/tool maintenance/raincoats

>I'm curious about the clean up and maintenance methods folks have.

What methods do you have for:

Cleaning up the lathe after turning/maintenance for the lathe (I use the shop vac, a rag with some leftover carnuba wax on it, and some parafin wax on the lathe bed and tool rest)

Preventing water from destroying everything in your shop when you turn green wood (I lay a raincoat over the workbench, but one day will probably put in a shower curtain)

Cleaning tools (I wipe them after turning green wood using a rag with leftover carnuba wax).

Cleaning up the shop after turning (I use a shop vac primarily, but I know many of you are producing garbage cans of shavings, so that won't work for you.) This is kind of mundane, but I'm betting somebody out there has a brilliant mouse trap.

How about the rest of the world?

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