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Band Saw help

>For the past couple of weeks I have been hand cutting bowl blanks with a bow saw. My arms are falling off, and my cuts aren't that great.

So, in spite of my budget for tools (+/- $0), I think I need to pick up a band saw.

Here are the "givens":
My lathe capacity is about 10 inches diameter.
If I get to turn three pieces a month I'm lucky. I'm new to this, but I don't see that increasing anytime soon (one toddler, one on the way)
I haven't the money for a full size band saw.
I havne't the space for a full size band saw.

Here are the questions:
"Gotta have" power/safety/other features?
Recommendations on makes? I've seen several available for prices ranging from $30 to $200 that look like they could fit the bill, but I have no idea what I'm looking at. $200 is the max I could possibly spend on this right now, and hopefully much less. I know that many of you have outfitted terrific shops, etc., and probably don't have much exposure to the lesser power tools, but I just can't run in that league. But - If I can't find an inexpensive "safe" unit, I'll buy blanks and/or continue to hack away.

I don't mind making the cross-grain cut by hand if I must, but can a band saw cut a 10" diameter log that is 16 inches long down to an 8 inch log, and then be used to create the blank? (for example).

Hope you folks can help....my arms are really, really, really tired.

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