Turning Archive 2005


Carole in VA
>I think I just found the mother lode of wood, all a mile from my house! Happened to talk to the guy who owns the local nursery/landscape business and he said if I wanted wood, go to his burn pile and the dump pile beyond in the woods. He lets a local tree service dump there as well. Asked him where it was and it is practically in my backyard and I didn't even know it! Took a quick look on the way home...maple, cherry, holly, oak, cedar, some stuff I couldn't identify and lots of (IMHO)useless pine. Further back I could see a huge area of big logs. Haven't driven back there yet. Problem is a lot of the stuff is far bigger than either I or my little chainsaw can handle. For example, there are some red cedar trunks there that are approaching 3 ft in diameter! Now if it would just get a tad cooler....did I really say that? Just this 3 days ago I was bitching because it was so darned cold! LOL

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