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Chasing the feather.

Barry Irby
>I have a number of walnut crotches and am trying to figure out how to turn a bowl or platter with the crotch or feather grain in them. I have split one right down the Y. I cut a disk out 14" in diameter and about two inches thick. Here are the problems and questions.

The feather is not centered. I would have to cut it down to about eleven inches to get it centered. That would be better wouldn't it?

The feather is on the pith side of the blank. I need to make that the bottom of the bowl or platter so that I don't simply turn it away, Right?

Walnut has dark heart wood and white sap wood. I'm going to have some of each and the feather runs across both. In order to avoid having both I would need a huge blank, Right?

Does the feather tend to go away in larger branch unions?

I have to say that this is much harder than I first thought and I have more respect for the pieces I have seen with a perfect feather in them. Thanks for letting me think out loud and any help would be appreciated.

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Chasing the feather.
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