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Spalting experiment result - failure *PIC*

John K Jordan
>As mentioned in an earlier thread, I made an attempt to spalt a maple log with suggestions from another person. I buried the log in a hole in the woods sometime last summer and dug it up with my backhoe this weekend.

The experiment was a resounding failure! The only spalting was just a couple of inches into the exposed endgrain and even that wasn't very pretty. My guess is I buried it too deep and didn't allow enough air. Next time I think I'll try laying the log in a shallow trench and covering it with leaves. Next time I'll put in a maple and cherry log and compare.

All was not lost. I cut the log up into chunks and found some beautiful figure including some birdseye that would have been made some nice veneer. I expected some figuring since the outside was pretty gnarly. The attached photo shows a couple of slices from the bandsaw, scraped a bit with a cabinet scraper to reveal the figure. Much of the wood has red flakes throughout which might be interesting even where the figure is not so pronounced. Wish I had time to put one on the lathe! It was all I could do to get it anchorsealed.

Stop in and visit if you're in East TN and take a chunk home. (Anyone who lives here probably already has plenty of green maple) I have a few more logs like this in the pile (from an electrical power line trimming).

JKJ in East TN in the springtime

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