Turning Archive 2005

Lessons in Buffing

>Seems that I need some lessons on how to properly buff a bowl. Turned a butternut bowl(end grain), sanded it to 400 grit and finished it with Walnut Oil. Atttempted to buff the finished bowl but am a bit disappointed with results. Buffing doesn't appear to have done anything to improve the finish of the bowl. Also managed to put some scratch marks on the inside of the bowl with the tripoli compound that I could not get out. Was concerned that using tripoli or diamond compound would embed in the open pores. Neither happened so there was a bright side to this. The carnuba wax however seems to have left a film on the bowl that leaves either finger prints or finger tracks if one drags one's finger across the inside of the bowl. First time using a buffing system (Oneway's) but I seem to be missing something in the technique or my expectations were far too high for the buffing process (or combination of both). Any tips out there on how to buff properly? Thanks


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