Turning Archive 2005

Gloat..... but with ??'s

Sam Dean
>Howdy Folks,

OK, I've got a huge gloat: I just recieved notification that I've been accepted to exhibit in a local art fair. It's called the Art Fair on the Square in downtown Bloomington, IN on June 18th. It was a juried entry / application and will be the very first show I've ever been in! I'm just tickled silly! If anyone is in the area, please stop by and say hi.

Now, because I've never done this before, I've got a few questions for those that have. When you sell something, do you give the buyer a reciept? If so, what kind?

What do you package the pieces in for their trip home with the new owners? I was thinking tissue paper in a "nice" paper sack. Would boxes be better?

How do you label each piece for sale (price, etc..)? I don't want any sticky residue from stickers. Is it your opinion that labels, cards, etc.., should be hand written or printed?

Thanks to all, for all of your help.


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