Turning Archive 2005

Rotating Headstock questions

Dan Lanicek in TX
>I'm a new turner, been playing with my Jet mini for about 3 1/2 months, and I'm loving it. I'm happy with the Jet mini for now but I'm already starting to dream about my next lathe. People weren't kidding when they said turning was an addiction! LOL!

So, while using the Jet mini I'm thinking about things I want my next lathe to have. When doing bowls and hollow forms I turn the mini 45 degrees on the table so I can get the right angle and see when hollowing. The short length of the mini allows me to do this with ease. So, I'm thinking that I want my next lathe to have a rotating headstock so that I can do this on a bigger lathe.

Well, I looked at Oneways the other day and noticed that it does not look like they have rotating headstocks. Having turned very little on a big lathe, I'm wondering how much of a pain it is to hollow on these things. Do you hollow from the other side of the lathe? Straddle the bed? Or what?

For those of you who have lathes with rotating headstocks, how often do you use then and how useful are they?

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