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fourth bowl..semi HF *PIC*

>Finally, this small vase(?) Big leaf maple. I got the wood from Don Wadsworth as a large chunk/slab taken off a lager log. I did everything from there. It's not quite finished. I need to make a compression chuck or something to finish off the bottom. Kind at a loss there. but I intend that it has a "foot" because of all the "weight" being towards the bottom it seems to need to float a bit.

4 x 3.75 at the widest wall thickness right at 1/8". I was particularly happy with this one. I rough turned it (it was wet green) to half inch (plus) walls and put it in alcohol for two days. Dried it with a light coat of Anchorseal on the end grain (outside only) for about two weeks. No cracks! The walls are very even with little or no "bumps" to be felt as you run your fingers inside the bowl And the walls make a smooth and esthetically pleasing transition to the bottom. Some minor tearout visible if you get down eyeball to wood and squint.

Friction wax ...should have used tung before hand I think it would have had a richer colour.

Thanks to Bill Grumbine (for a good video) and everyone who took the time to respond to a clueless newb.

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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fourth bowl..semi HF *PIC*
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