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How best to dry Cherry & Walnut ?

Pete in Holland, MI
>Hey all -

Stumbled into enough cherry & walnut to make approximately 50 10-11" bowls. Am in the midst of roughing them out this afternoon and have been in the turning hobby since late last year. Don't want to lose these guys during drying. Have been doing a lot of alcohol drying recently with mixed results. Had massive failures with this process last time I used in cherry, and this if the first time turning walnut. Am not in need of any finish turning materials till this fall. Would I be safest to grocery-bag each one and let them slow dry? Don't have current access to Anchor Seal, but would it be best to order some now? Turnings are burried under the mountain of noodles until I figure out what is best.

Also - - What do you guys get for plain bowls in the 9-11 diameter range made of oak, maple, cherry & walnut? Just curious.

Back to the basement.........

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How best to dry Cherry & Walnut ?
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