Turning Archive 2005

Russ is gone....

>Yep, he left this morning for Florida. His demo Thursday night was very dissappointing to some....he told them a good finish was not "quick and easy"...not what some wanted to hear. However, for those of us who are reaching for the "next level" his demo was well received. My work will be better as a result of the class. It is really disappointing when you let someone such as Russ leave before you have benefitted from all that he knows about turning and finishing. We only scratched the surface of what we could have learned from him. I am thinking our demos should last 2 weeks instead of 2 hours. It is really nice to meet someone you have known for 3 years! We really enjoyed having Russ and his wife Gerry for a few days. We have his videos on finishing so I will be doing a lot of watching and trying new things over the next few weeks, (I feel topics coming:)

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