Turning Archive 2005

can you make pens from cross-grain blanks?

Tom Sontag - St. Louis
>I cut the end 3" from a spalted sweetgum log to see a fresh end and effectively removed the only worthwhile spalted pieces in the whole log. But what I do have is spectacular. I bandsawed some 1x1x6 pen blanks but of course the grain goes the 'wrong' way from normal pen blanks (crosswise instead of lengthwise).

What are the chances these little 6" blanks can successfully become pens? Is there anything the turner (not me, but a relatively inexperienced friend) can do to increase the odds of success, like soaking in a glue bath or whatever other tricks you might suggest?

Thanks in advance! The black line and various colors make the effort worthwhile, even if only half of them make pens. I presume if they survive the actual making, they won't self destruct in use...

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