Turning Archive 2005

3520a Chuck?

>I have ordered a 3520a and I wanted to go ahead and order a chuck for it so I'll have it when it shows up. My question is what do you guys use on yours? I saw where Hartville Tool has the Talon on sale right now. I watched Bill Grumbines DVD last night and I thought he mentioned that was what he was using. Are those ok? or is there one that would be better? I read some posts about the Vicmarc,where can you buy one of those? What do I need to go with it? Also what size bar do yall have on your chainsaws? I've got a 20" with a skip chain ,Is that gonna work for cutting bowl blanks?(HD Stihl chainsaw,old) Thanks for any replys to alot of questions, Sorry about sooo many questions,David

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