Turning Archive 2005

A "Heads Up" for Bucks County Turners!

Dominic Greco at home in Richboro, PA
>Red Alert! Red Alert!

There has been some large scale tree removal at the intersection of Rt 332 (The Newtown Bypass) and I-95 North. They have the trees already cut down and they are waiting to be chipped. There is one pile of logs right off the road, along Rt# 332.

I was able to get some large chunks of Osage Orange and Mulberry. I saw some medium (12") to largish (18") Cherry there, as well as some white oak, red oak, maple, and other local species.

Some of the Osage logs are truly "Grumbine-esque" (fit only to be viewed by the owners of mighty Poolewoods and cut by chainsaws with 28" bars or over). I tried to move one of them and it was like trying to throw a body block at a 5 ton bolder.

You better hurry up before they join the rest of the shredded trees in the 3 story tall chip pile!

I figured that there's enough logs left to keep a bunch of us real busy!

See ya around,


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