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Dave Smith-- Follow-up

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>I had to wait for a curved tool rest that would be tall enough before I could start re-turning the large magnolia bowl (16"".
I trued the tenon and chucked up the bowl. Then I trued the rim and marked it as you suggested. The distance between the pencil marks is 15/16. I started with a wall thickness of 5/4.
Rather than take the bowl all the way down today, I took the wall thickness to 15/16. I am going to give the wood some time to adjust and finish turning it tomorrow.
I was very pleased with the minimum distortion of this bowl. This magnolia has widely spaced growth rings; I would have expected more movement.

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Dave Smith-- Follow-up
15/16 walls from 5/4 rough = PDG
Re: 15/16 walls from 5/4 rough = PDG
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