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Recommendations for replacing a Delta

Ed Kelle
>Don't laugh, but I have the Ironbed 1440. And have had NOTHING but problems with it. Replaced, belts, replaced pulleys, replaced everything in the entire headstock. It is even worse now. Plus the motor has always made bad noise. I've been down since before Christmas. Taken it to a repair shop, which did practicly nothing. Took it on a wild goose chase to different Delta recommended shops, only to be told they do not do Delta warranty work. Took it to the local factory authorized service center where it sat untouched for 8 weeks before they told me they could not get all the parts for 2 more months. After I complained to Delta, they miraculously got parts the next day. Only now the lathe is even worse, I can visibly see my chucks wobbling. I complained again, and they were supposed to send me a replacement motor/headstock. Today I got a smashed open crate, with only a dented motor in it. I complained again and was told that they only had me down for a replacement motor, and that UPS must have played football with it, so file a claim. Supposedly they are going to try and solve my problems again tomorrow morning, though with all the problems I have had with them, I doubt they will. I've lost many orders these past months, and missed 2 shows. I have made this VERY clear to them many times and Delta does not seem to think that is important.

I purchased this almost 2 years ago from Woodworkers Warehouse, which went out of business shortly after. So returning was not an option. And by that time I had read all the bad reviews about this machine. I think any replacement that they send would have the same issues or develop the same problems in the future.

So it has come time for me to consider replacing this hunk of boat anchor. Any recommendations for me? I know about the Powermatic , which really seems at the very high top of my price range. Can't even begin to think about a Oneway. How is the Jet? I make mostly bowls and flower vases, with the possibility of some upcoming spindle work for furniture.

Suggestions would be appreciated, and if you happen to have contact info for anyone at Delta who can finally get my situation fixed, this will also be appreciated.


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