Turning Archive 2005

Turning to Sell or for Other Turners?

Ruth Niles
>This is a question I often ask myself because a lot of the public isn't interested in very thin, tiny openings or tight fitting lids. Russ wrote an interesting article on this and I believe he's right! (again)

I make my living turning, my work is in 5 artisan shops or galleries so I get quite a bit of feedback. Naturally location or clientele does make a difference but, for the most part, people really don't want a "pop" lid, they prefer one they can lift off without picking up the box. They really admire the super thin bowl but buy the heavier one. The hollow forms with a tiny hole do sell but the ones with a large enough opening to hold, say a bunch of dried wheat, sell more.

Standing at the lathe, I ask myself "do you want to sell this or is it a turner's challenge thing?" Now, once I get famous for something, that's a totally different story! : )

Does anyone else find this to be true?


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