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best deal on pure tung oil *LINK*

matt fallon
>ive been using this for my aromatic cedar flutes,
just bought 3 gallons for a 4" "dip tank" was like $115 total ($34 x3 + $13 ship )this was the lowest # i saw for 100% PURE oil.

now im sure this'll last me a longggg time so its really not bad. but just wonderin if theres a more economical solution for next time. or maybe a different food/mouth-safe all natural,waterproofing,durable oil/finish that would be less costly or work better perhaps?

i guess if i sold more and gifted less i wouldnt even blink at this,but this's my nature~ i hate being a salesman.(though at least i have faith in my own 'product'.

should i now also buy the 100% pure citrus rind solvent?,if thats cheaper it would make it last even longer,and of course dry quicker(and smell great i bet)

oh and the site i found this one was http://www.woodfinishingsupplies.com/Varnishes.htm
in case i found a gem.


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