Turning Archive 2005

Any Mid-Sized shortbed lathes?

Dan Lanicek in TX
>So I have a Jet Mini lathe and, although I love the little thing, I'm getting the "I want a new lathe" itch. The thing is shop space is limited and I want to add a second lathe while keeping the Jet.

I'm just looking for a lathe with a little bit more swing and a little bit more power than my mini that fits within my budget. I do small spindles and bowls so the distance between centers on the mini has never been a problem for me.

I'm really looking for a short bed (~24") 12"-14" swing lathe with at least 3/4 HP motor. Other than Oneway's 1224 (which is exactly what I'm looking for but way out of my budget) I can't think of anything. The HF/Jet 1236 is the only lathe I can think of in my budget but that's still about 12" longer than I want. The Nova 3000 is another option but that's a little more lathe than I need and I'd really like a VS lathe.

Am I missing any?

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