Turning Archive 2005

Delta Midi Motor problems

Ryan McMullen - Memphis
>While turning last night I started experiencing some start up problems with my Midi lathe. When I would turn the power on the lathe would just sit there, I could hear a humming sound from the motor and I could see the spindle "rock" back and forth, as if the motor was trying to start. I would give a quick turn on the hand wheel and the motor would spin up, only to repeat the process the next time I turned the lathe off.

At first I thought that some acrylic shavings (I was turning an acrylic pen when this happened) somehow managed to get into the motor and bind on something. Then I started thinking it could be something with the starting mechanisim of the motor itself.

Any ideas? I'm really tired of dealing with Delta motors. Last December the motor in my Delta TS died (model 36-600, so it's a direct drive motor - I'm never purchasing one of those again) and now this, ugh!


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