Turning Archive 2005

Sooner than you think *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I could swear I just posted this, but darned if it shows up. I got a jump on Santa gifts this year. A BIG jump. Not sure why, these are just the colors I chose to use for this 15" maple burl platter. Sanded, sealed and then airbrushed with translucent red. The gold was then brushed on - Liberon Gilt Varnish. Then the whole thing was sprayed with probably 15 coats of Fuhr water based lacquer. Hand rubbed to a severely high gloss. Some lucky person will wind up with this as a Christmas gift, if I don't turn it into a gallery first. For some reason my camera does not like photographing red objects. It wouldn't come even close to the proper color rendition nor would it really focus well. Colors adjusted in Gimp, but they match pretty well. I'm pretty happy with this piece, it was the first color job I have done other than on my carvings. Color is nice and even and not too thick to obscure the figure.

Comments/questions/critiques welcomed. Thanks for lookin'!

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