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Using Kel McNaughton Center Saver

Donna Banfield
>Hi all

I have a 3 hp 2436 with the 44" outboard, riser block set up. I have about a half dozen walnut logs between 26 and 35 inches in diameter, which will be turned on the outboard. I also have the Kel-McNaughton center saver -- standard and large knives.

Here's my question: because of the riser block that allows me to use the tail stock, theoretically I can place my standard banjo on this riser block, which could then be used to hold the gate for the coring knives. I realize that I can only take smaller cores (=/- 16 inches) out of these pieces, but I'd prefer to take some cores out rather than have the bulk of this walnut lie in shavings on the floor. Are there any contraindications to me using the center saver in this manner? For example, would the torque on these large blanks, even moving at a slower speed, be too much for the steel, causing them to bend/break? Am I asking for a serious injury?

Can I/should I try this? Has anyone else tried something like this?

Thanks for any advice or recommendations.

Donna Banfield

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